My dedication to educating and capacitating young people and adults is tuned to the “North pole” of autonomy. Autonomy evolves from the mental and emotional capacity of thinking creatively and critically, dialoguing with others as well as with one self, and creating meaningful ties with a variety of diverse contents. As we cultivate and grow the faculty of observing our own perceptions of the world, we gain awareness of the dialogue between outer and inner realities.

Joint Learning Endeavors

A Joint Learning Endeavor – an exploratory learning venture – rises above the habitual polarity between doing and learning, praxis and theory. It is focused on a specific subject matter of crucial importance for the development of a company, an organization, a network or a group of people. Based on the theme chosen, we entangle the learning venture with the strategic development and planning processes.

A Joint Learning Endeavor goes beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge. Its core aim is to jointly develop a common language among the participants and a shared framework for the interpretations of insights on their own realities as the basis for future cooperation and growth.

Thus, critically reflecting on one’s own undertakings and its conditions becomes an interwoven element of designing institutional and personal developments.

The duration of a Joint Learning Endeavor depends on the chosen topic and the specific needs and requirements of our clients. It advances according to previously agreed upon sequences, each of which designed to generate specific results.

Workshops and reflection sessions

We offer workshops for individuals and working groups – be to deepen and consolidate specific themes and understandings in the framework of an existing mandate, be as a separate service:

  • Planning workshops

  • Learning workshops

  • Seminars and reflection groups

  • Additionally, we design ad-hoc colloquiums and discussion groups both for young people and adults, tailored to their concerns, conditions and contexts.