Birth date 29 September 1958 in Basel, Switzerland
Nationality Swiss
Marital status Married with Carmen Olaechea
Languages German, English, Spanish

Georg is an artist, transpersonal therapist, consultant in Mindfulness, and Swiss attorney-at-law with a doctorate in constitutional law.

He worked 16 years in executive functions in multinational companies. During several years he formed part of a global humanitarian operation of the Swiss government, before he became director of a private Swiss foundation for sustainable development in Latin America. Since 2002, he lives in Buenos Aires, working independently in Argentina, Latin America and Europe.

Georg work with private persons, and social and business leaders, as well as their institutions, in quest of sense, coherence and positive impact of their decisions and actions vis-à-vis the profound transformation of our realities.


As an independent advisor he works with business and civil society leaders, and their teams, designing and implementing institutional answers to the changes and crisis we experience; as well as exploring new forms of collaboration across the conventional dividing lines between sectors, societies, religions, cultures, and mentalities.


As transpersonal therapist and consultant in Mindfulness he accompanies decision-makers and private persons in times when their journey turns particularly challenging and promising, and when institutional and personal perspectives and responsibilities meet. These are moments when a mindful handling of visions, convictions and emotions – one’s own and those of others – contributes substantially to the quality of decisions.


He complements his professional activities with his creative work employing the symbolic language at service to collective quests and the dialogue between different logics, beliefs, spiritual paths and everyday realities.

He is a member of the executive committee of the board of the Argentine Food Banking Network