Art and architecture

In the process of constructing or remodeling a space, the visions of the owner, the architect, the constructor – and often also of the future operators users – dynamically interact among each other. As the work progresses, these visions themselves develop too: they evolve under the impact of the emerging reality. This evolution does not end with the termination of the building; it continues as the activities in the space unfold and grow.

I understand these visions - converging in the design of a space - as “living beings” entangled in a creating dialogue among each other and with the people who occupy the space for their undertakings. Therefore, I find it enticing that the artistic contribution seek the essence of this dialogue itself, aiming to capture its very spirit – instead of restraining itself to illustrating one single temporal aspect of the vision. Attending this interaction between an evolving vision and its growing interpretations requires that the artistic contribution be not created in detached reclusion but emerging from within the project.

Endorsing common goals

Art – able to reach beyond decoration and atmospheric designs - can become an accomplice of the goals and activities pursued in the space. By capturing the outer and inner realities of people, the artistic contribution may kindle creativity, stimulate communication and inspire new views. What we call the culture of a group of people, or the spirit of an environment, is by no means a static condition but a sparkling continuous evolvement. It seems to me that art has the potency to help cultivate the conditions and processes of living and working together. It can bestow people in a space with impulses and encourage them to creatively view and review their own interpretations of what they seek and do.

However, in order to contribute to creating a dynamic and lively web between people, space and goals, the artistic work needs to comprehend the essence of these goals and ventures, and be able to dialogue with them. It must connect to the fundamental energies common to the undertakings and functions realized in that particular space. Capturing and articulating them in a symbolic language, art can then help empowering the interaction between people and their ideas and visions – without this dialogue being imposed from the outside.